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Content Partner

 part·ner [ páartnər] noun  (plural part·ners)… collaborator; an associate in an activity or endeavor or sphere of common interest.

The word “partner” continues to define a wide array of organizational connections and relationships. We think of an individual making partner in a law firm. I think of our spouse as my partner of 35 years. We think of business partners that help a company to grow and do well. We think of our vendors and supporter as partners in helping local congregational administrative leaders to be effective in their ministry.

At NACBA we are pleased to have a partner relationship with three other 501(c)(3) organizations that support the work of congregational ministry. This partner relationship will allow us to support each other in new ways and to introduce our network of influence to each other. These are not new organizations to our world, but we have worked to articulate better ways to affirm and support our mutual work. We hope if you do not already know them and use their resources and contributions you will spend time learning about the value they bring to our common task.

Alban at Duke Divinity School

Alban at Duke Divinity School helps leaders connect and learn from one another by sharing practical wisdom, stories of thriving congregations and transformational models of ministry. Through our work with congregations and the networks that support them, we have observed three trends:

  • Congregations are hungry to learn what is effective in other congregations and learn best from each other, but they have limited opportunities to do so.
  • Denominational and thought leaders address issues that impact congregations, but they often work in isolation from each other.
  • All leaders need ready access to innovative ideas and practical resources.

Alban is uniquely positioned to respond to these trends, offering ready access to books, online publications, and learning opportunities.


The center for Healthy Churches

Consultation and Coaching for Today’s Congregations :The Center for Healthy Churches is devoted to improving the spiritual, emotional and organizational health of churches and ministers. The Center believes that as challenging as the environment of congregational and clergy life is, there are equal opportunities for effective ministry. We believe in the church, it’s mission, and it’s potential. We find hope in the multiple ways congregations and clergy are finding new life and energy in the 21st century. Our driving motivation is to elevate the spiritual, emotional, financial, organizational and physical health of churches and clergy. We do this by helping establish clear vision and focus for the congregation’s future, addressing complex issues, enhancing communication, exploring opportunities for growth, and building strong community.

Key to the Center for Health Churches success are our excellent team, a commitment to creative thinking and continuous learning, and a passion for helping congregations and their leaders attain health and wholeness. These elements are undergirded by a trust that God has something wonderful in store for the Center and the faith communities whom we serve. 


Christianity Today International

Christianity Today International (CTI), a not-for-profit communications ministry located in Carol Stream, Illinois., is committed to equipping local church leaders with trustworthy resources to faithfully manage their ministries. Evangelist Billy Graham started Christianity Today magazine in 1956, the same year NACBA started, with a focus on providing pastors with a strong, energetic voice for evangelical leadership. Today, CTI creates content and resources focused on serving the thought leaders and church leaders who are committed to building the global church. As the publisher of Richard Hammar’s Church Law & Tax Report and Church Finance Today, sister publications to Christianity Today and Leadership, Christianity Today International (CTI) is a significant contributor to the resources and educational needs of local congregations. It also publishes,, the annual Church & Clergy Tax Guide, the Compensation Handbook for Church Staff, the Essential Guide to Church Finances, the Essential Guide to Copyright Law for Churches, and Reducing the Risk: Keeping Your Ministry Safe From Child Sexual Abuse, all of which underscore the ministry’s ongoing commitment to contributing providing trustworthy, quality resources to administrative leaders in the local church.
NACBA has enjoyed a long relationship with Rich Hammar and now looks forward to even more opportunities to work with the full Christianity Today International team. Many of these resources can be purchased in the NACBA resource store at a discount to national members.