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Graphics & Marketing Materials



Each file format has been developed for specific applications, so the use of the logo will determine the best format.


OFFICE PRINTING (.tif format)

For documents prepared and printed from laser and inkjet printers in an office environment, a tagged-image file format (.tif) is recommended. Tif files are a bitmapped graphics file format, and are supported by common office publishing  software such as Microsoft® Word® and Microsoft® Publisher®. The .tif files will provide a high quality image. Use the 200 dpi version. The logo is available in black-and-white and cmyk (full color) .tif files for office printing.



The .gif (graphic interchange format) should be used only for Internet use due to the limited number of colors and small file sizes. .Gif files are available as rgb (full color) files at 96 dpi.


PRESENTATIONS (.jpg format)

For use in PowerPoint presentations, a joint photographic experts group (.jpg) format is recommended because the file size is smaller than a .tif file. Do not use the .jpg format for office or commercial printing since the resolution is 96 dpi. The logo is available as rgb (full color) .jpg files for presentations. This may also be used as an alternate for the web.


COMMERCIAL PRINTING (.eps or .tif format)

When the logo is to be used for commercial printing, the recommended file format is encapsulated postscript (.eps). An .eps file, a vector-based file, is small but is not size dependent, meaning it can be enlarged and reduced without adversely affecting the quality. (unlike .jpg and .gif files) It is highly compatible with professional graphic arts software such as Quark® Xpress®, Adobe® InDesign® or PageMaker®, as well as the production software used in commercial printers¹ prepress departments. This file format is used primarily on the Macintosh platform. Contact the national office if you need an .eps version emailed to a commercial printer. The logo is available in a cmyk (full color) .eps files for commercial printing.

The 300 dpi .tif versions of the conference logo (black-and-white and full color) can also be used for commercial printing. Please note that the logo should not be enlarged or reduced more than approximately 20 percent.


 TCN Logo\Marketing

bug.jpg.jpg - Bug - 7 circles
bug_tranparent.pngBug with Transparent Background
General TCN Marketing Sheet 2015.pdfGeneral TCN Marketing Sheet
TCN_Standard_Final0814.pdfBrand Use Standards - The Church Network H
The_Church_Network_H.gif.gif - The Church Network Horiz
The_Church_Network_H.jpg.jpg - The Church Network Horiz
The_Church_Network_H.png.png - The Church Network Horiz
The_Church_Network_H5.eps.eps - The Church Network Horiz - The Church Network V
The_Church_Network_V.eps.eps - The Church Network Vert
The_Church_Network_V.jpg.jpg The Church Network Vert
The_Church_Network_V.pngpng. The Church Network Vert
The_Church_Network_V_209.jpg.jpg - The Church Network (small)