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2014 National Day – Security

The content focus of the 2014 National Church Administration Day is security. The National Church Administration Day is a service event for local chapters to share their knowledge, current information and resources to assist clergy and laity with the administration of their churches. The goal as a national organization is to reach beyond our normal network to church leaders and invite them to attend this special event.

Individual chapters create unique programming around the year’s theme using chapter leadership's talent, certified church administrators and content experts in their community. Local police departments are a great resource for help in planning this years topic.

Understanding security in congregations is a large topic and many different directions could be taken. After assessing the local needs and resources each chapter participating is encouraged to focus in areas of content strength.

Some possible directions:

  • Security of facilities, alarms, lighting, landscaping, surveillance, key control, etc.
  • Security Measure in financial manner
  • Security of information technology: data, social media, cloud and server
  • Security for children and youth
  • Dealing with an active shooter
  • Crisis management: media response
  • Dealing with difficult individuals

Annual Content Themes

  • 2014 - Security
  • 2015 - Technology
  • 2016 - Leadership
  • 2017 - Staffing
  • 2018 - Accounting

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