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Home > Networking > Chapter Builder > Organizational Documents

Managing Chapters and Groups


Chapter Reporting

Communication of chapter/group work is vital to The Church Network organization. Leaders are to follow this reporting schedule. If you have questions contact the national office. All reports should be submitted online. Paper Reports are provided for planning purposes.  Please see the TCN President's Guide to Chapter Reporting on the right.

TCN Chapter Meeting Report

Chapter Connector 2.0 is live and a new meeting report interface is available. If you do not have access to the new chapter connector please send an email request to

 As of March 1, 2017 all meeting report should be made on through Chapter Connector 2.0 is a direct link to the interface. You will be required to login. If you receive an access denied error you do not yet have approval to CC 2.0 and you should follow the steps above.

Please review this help video to learn more.

Until you have access use this link for the legacy report:
Click here to access legacy online report

This report should be submitted after each chapter meeting. It is a short report and should only take you 5 minutes.

Chapter Meeting Report Archive on lower right column

TCN Chapter Achievement Report - to be completed between June 1-June 19, 2017. Submit by Monday, June 19, 2017.

Submit Report via SurveyMonkey (click here)

Download Paper Report (for planning purposes only)

Evaluation Period: Jun 1, 2016 – May 31, 2017.
PLEASE SUBMIT ONLINE BY Monday, June 19, 2017.


Document Resources

The documents provided in this section will assist you when building a new chapter or leading an established chapter.

If you need any additional information, please contact the TCN national office at (800)898-8085 or

Click on icon to download file

 Chapter Builder Helps

Office Installation General.docOffice Installation
Officer Training.pptOfficer Training
Suggestions for Improving TCN Chapter Meetings.docSuggestions for Improving TCN Chapter Meetings
Chapter CEU guidelines.pdfChapter CEU Guidelines
Application for charter.PDFApplication for a chapter
Achievement Report Tools Available.pdfAchievement Report Tools Available
Chapter Connector overview.pdfChapter Connector overview & EMail Policy
TCN Sample Const_Bylaws.docxSample Chapter Constitution and Bylaws
Awards Nomination Form.pdfAwards Nomination Form
Sample_Email_to_Recruit_Members.docxSample Email to Recruit Members
What other chapters are talking about.pdfNotes from Houston 2012 leaders luncheon
Endowment Fund Scholarship App.pdfScholarship Application
HOW TO BEGIN A LOCAL CHAPTER.pdfHow to Begin a Local Chapter
MembershipMatters 2014-01-23.pptxMembershipMatters (NACBA 101)
Chapter Officers.pdfChapter Officer Sample Job Descriptions
Tips for a Successful Chapter.docTips for a Successful Chapter
TCN CHAPTER ACHIEVEMENT REPORT.pdfChapter Achievement Report - Paper copy
501(c)(3) Application Process for Chapters.docHow to Apply for Exemption from Federal income taxes:
Chapter President's Guide to Reporting.docNACBA President’s Guide to Chapter Reporting
TCN Chapter CEU guidelines new address.pdf

 Meeting Report Archive

chapter reports by domain.xlschapter reports by domain
16_06_cmr.pdfJun-2016 Meetings Recap
16_05_cmr.pdfMay-2016 Meetings Recap
16_04_cmr.pdfApr-2016 Meetings Recap
16_03_cmr.pdfMar-2016 Meetings Recap
16_02_cmr.pdfFeb-2016 Meetings Recap
16_01_cmr.pdfJan-2016 Meetings Recap
15_12_cmr.pdfDec-2015 Meetings Recap
15_11_cmr.pdfNov-2015 Meetings Recap
15_10_cmr.pdfOct-2015 Meetings Recap
15_09_cmr.pdfSep-2015 Meetings Recap
15_08_cmr.pdfAug-2015 Meetings Recap