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 A business membership in The Church Network is a strong statement of your commitment to the profession and desire to work with the administrative community of local congregations.  It increases your company's exposure to information about the profession and creates unique channel for you to communicate to members.

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In addition to adding your name as an active advocate for the profession, a number of other benefits are received from membership. 


These include but are not limited to:

  • Each quarter Biz Members are listed in the association's professional journal.
  • Biz Members are offered an opportunity to submit a short (50 to 150 word) document on a tip, trend insight, or knowledge fact from which we can select for the new BizBrief in the publication of the InSight. We will be choosing six to nine of these documents to include in the InSight publication and then post all submitted documents on our website. The website documents will be updated each quarter as a part of the InSight publication journal. 
  • Deep discounts on conference trade show registration.
  • Additional points for booth placement based on number of members.
  • Access to membership search online. 

 Supplier Information

2017 Exhibit Show Kit.pdf2017 Exhibit Show Kit
2018 Exhibit Show Kit.pdf2018 Exhibit Show Kit
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Membership Application.pdfMembership Application
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NACBA Lead Retrieval Scanning Guide.pdfNACBA Lead Retrieval Scanning Guide
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