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If you look outside your office window right now chances are the first words which “spring” to your mind probably will not be, “summer’s coming.”  But the truth is summer is right around the corner.  There is so much to look forward to in the summer; so many activities and quality time spent with friends, family,… and yes…, your local church.  For members of The Church Network there is one particular special event headed our way this summer.  It’s the 60th annual conference of The Church Network,  SERVING AT SIXTY 1956-2016!   We hope you are already making plans to be part of this landmark event.

You’re going to hear a lot about this conference in the days to come.  The Development Committee, which serves at the pleasure of TCN’s Board of Directors, would like to bring to your attention just one of the many milestones for this upcoming conference.   The Endowment Fund.   Did you even know that TCN had an Endowment Fund?  We hope you did because it’s been around since 1985!  Click here to learn more. For now, suffice it to say the fund does some pretty great things for our members such as:

  •  Provide seed money to start new chapters and strengthen those in need
  •  Provide scholarships to local chapter presidents who need financial assistance in attending the annual conference.
  •  Provide scholarships to those who need financial assistance in attending the certification seminars.
  •  And, for the past several years, the TCN Board of Directors has offered scholarships to TCN members (not just presidents) to help defray costs of conference attendance.

We’re certain you see the importance of The Endowment Fund. Hopefully you also understand the need to be able to provide these benefits to our members both now and long into the future as the Fund was intended. That is why we are engaging in a special campaign this year, “  Sixty in Sixteen  ” with the goal of raising $60,000.00.  This is a big goal, but TCN is a big group.  If 1000 members gave $60.00 each, we would reach this goal!  It’s that easy.

You will be hearing more about the fund over the next five months and at the national conference in Dallas this coming July.  Won’t you prayerfully consider how you or your church might participate in this year’s landmark campaign?  This is the perfect example of what we mean when we say, “Don’t Go It Alone.”

See you in Dallas,

Your Development Committee
Ron Fischer, CCA, Chairman
John R. Beith, CCA, CCB
Scott Hendren, CCA
James Ricci, CCA
Kelly Smith, CCA
Mary Ann Vaughan, CCA
Chuck Wendt, CCA
Simeon May, CCA, CAE, CPA

Endowment Fund: Income generated by our endowment supports educational programming, networking and provides scholarships for the annual conference and certification. Click here for more details.
Click to donate to the association's endowment fund


Other ways to support The Church Network 

Operations Fund: Your support will fund TCN's mission to promote excellence and professionalism in the field of church administration.
Click to donate to the association's general fund

Hope in Transition Fund:     A taskforce which assists our fellow administrators when they find themselves searching for a new position. Click here for more detail.
Click to donate to the association's Hope in Transition fund

Contributions by check should be made payable to The Church Network and the memo line should indicate the use of the contribution.
Checks can be mailed to The Church Network, 100 N Central Expy Ste 914, Richardson TX 75080-5326

 Thank you for your interest in donating to The Church Network. We are dependent on generous contributions in addition to membership dues, conference revenue and resource income to continue to be the leading association for professionals in church administration. We appreciate your willingness to partner with us through your tax deductible contributions. TCN (under the incorporated name of NACBA) is a 501(c)(3) association of churches.

"I've come to realize the work of our association is just never finished."
Maurice Saucedo, First NACBA executive, 1971 conference

Join The Church Network national board, development committee and executive staff in making a contribution to NACBA. Gifts from individuals, companies, and organizations further the work of TCN.


"My personal contributions fund organizations whose mission and values honor Christ and whose services make a difference in people’s lives.  TCN is that kind of organization, and I believe in their commitment to Kingdom work."

Dana Fickling, CCA
Fort Worth,Texas


Make a Difference!

John Scibilia, CCA

New York, New York


Best Kept Secret - Scholarships 

Larry Wright, CCA

Allen, Texas


"As I consider the value and blessing that I've received in my years in the TCN, my contribution is a small gift of the same to those who will follow."

Thomas D. Danklefsen, CCA

Grove City, Ohio


"TCN has made a huge difference in my ministry as a church administrative leader. It is an invaluable resource, worth supporting!"

Denise Craig, CCA
Hixson, Tennessee