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Home > Education > CCA Certification > Eligibility and Requirements
Home > Education > CCA Certification > Eligibility and Requirements

Eligibility and Requirements


Certification is open to individuals working on a local church staff or in a denominational office, provided their job responsibilities have a primary element of support to local congregations in one of the key areas of administrative leadership.  These candidates must submit the document of denominational leadership, which confirms their work with congregations. Other interested parties also are welcome and encouraged to take part in this educational opportunity.

Candidates are encouraged to be a member of the national association while completing certification.

Candidate must have completed at least three years of fulltime service or full-time equivalent in a local congregational church setting or denominational office in which he/she has had primary responsibility in one or more of the key areas of administration. Candidates may start the certification process prior to obtaining the experience requirement but are bound to the five years completion limits.
Calculation for full time equivalent is based on a 2080 hour work year. Full-time equivalent may be in more than one congregation as an employee or outsource support. Individuals should submit in writing the details of their part-time experience and why they feel it is equivalent.

Personnel/Human Resource Management
Staff Development
Congregational Leadership
Theology of Stewardship
Office Management
Information Management
Property Management
Communication and Marketing
Strategic Planning
Financial Management
Stewardship of Self
Legal & Tax Matters
Christian Perspectives & Theology of Church
Theology and Ethics of Church Administration

All coursework, CEUs, project, applicable forms and processing fees must be submitted by June 1 of the year in which the candidate is to be certified.


Requirements include the following:

Candidate must complete 2 weeks core courses for academic study through one or a combination of the approved Candidate must complete 4 CEUs (40 contact hours).
       Once a candidate has submitted a registration form
       and $25 fee, they may begin accumulating CEUs for
       certification. CEUs earned prior to registration
       will NOT count toward the 4.0 CEUs (40 contact hours).
These must include 4 required modules which are offered each year at national conference and in The Church Network online learning lab, and may be offered by one or more f he approved training centers.
      i. Theology and ethics of church administration (0.2 CEUs)
      ii. Self-care for administrative leaders (0.2 CEUs)
     iii. Church technology basics (0.2 CEUs)
     iv. Church technology trends (0.2 CEUs)
The other 32 hours may come from any The Church Network CEU approved course offered through the chapter CEU program, national and regional programs, training center CEUs, The Church Network's online learning lab, or CEUs offered by registered provider partners.
        If an individual decides at a conference to begin, they
        may submit a registration form and fee with their CEU
        request form for that conference, as long as they meet
        the submit within 30 days of end of conference time limit. 
        Those conference CEU’s will count towards certification

Candidates must complete an action-based certification project as outlined in the Project Guidelines. Project are available for download in the resource store and are free to members and fee based to non-members. Click here for a complete list of projects.

Candidate must subscribe to the The Church Network Code of Ethics.

Candidates must complete the certification process within five years of their official start date as stated above. Candidates must submit an Application for Certification during the year of certification.
     a. Candidates who are active members of The Church Network national organization for at least two full years prior to as well as the year of receiving certification should submit their application and $100 application fee.
     b. Candidates who are non-members of The Church Network national organization, or who have not been members for two full years prior to the year of receiving certification, should submit their application and $400 application fee.


All forms and The Church Network Code of Ethics are available on the web at

  1. Decide which training center you plan to attend. Factors to consider: date; denomination (all centers are open to applicants of any Christian denomination); location; cost (the PT&S Committee does not regulate the registration fee charged by the training centers, and it does vary); transportation to and from the seminar and lodging while attending the seminar. (Seminars are usually held during breaks from regular classes at the centers, lodging is sometimes available in dormitories at the centers). Once you have made your decision, contact the center about registration.
  2. Register for entering the certification program by sending registration form with your payment for twenty-five dollars ($25) to the national office. Remember your CEU count does not start until this form is submitted. Denominational leaders should submit the Document of Denominational Leadership at the time of registration to insure qualification.
  3. Begin your academic work and your project. Report on progress, including CEU work, to The Church Network.
  4. Provide recommendation forms to your senior pastor and lay leader which should be sent to the national office by the June 1 deadline the year you expect to be certified.
  5. By June 1 of the year you expect to receive certification by The Church Network, send your Application for Certification Form and one hundred dollars ($100) for members or four hundred dollars ($400) application fee along with the application.
  6. As a certification applicant, you are expected to take the full initiative for planning, seeking approval, and implementing all that is necessary for certification, including submitting all forms and fees to The Church Network.

The documents provided in this section will assist you with CCA certification. If you need any additional information, please contact The Church Network national office at (800) 898-8085.

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