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(as of May 31, 2017)
Adventist 1
African Methodist/Episcopal 1
Anglican 12
Apostolic 4
Assemblies of God  72
   American 14
   Conservative  8
   Cooperative Fellowship 38
   General 23
   Missionary 28
   Nat'l Convention/America 3
   North American 4
   Progressive National 4
   Regular 4
   Southern 422
   Other Baptist 55
Catholic 42
Christian Missionary Alliance 7
Christian Reformed 1
Church of Christ 20
Church of God 14
Church of God in Christ 2
Church of God in Prophecy 1
Disciples of Christ/Christian 25
Episcopal 61
Evangelical Ch of N America 2
Evangelical Covenant Ch 8
Evangelical Free Ch America 32
Evangelical Friends 1
Fellowship Brethren Churches 1
Foursquare 6
Fundamentalists 1
Independent/Nondenom 267
Interfaith Military Chapels 1
Jewish 2
  Lutheran 18
  EV Lutheran Ch in America 52
  Missouri Synod 36
  Brethren 2
  Congs/Mission for Christ 13
Mennonite 2
  Methodist 4
  Free Methodist 4
  United Methodist Church 258
Missionary Church 3
Nazarene 7
No denom/no church now 27
Open Bible Standard Church 2
Orthodox 2
Pentecostal  6
Pentecostal Assemblies/CAN 1
  Presbyterian 17
  Church in America 25
  USA 174
  Associate Reformed 2
  Cumberland 3
  ECO 10
  EPC 18
Reformed Ch in America 4
Swedenborgian 1
Unitarian Universalist 9
United COC/Congregational 15
Business Members   113
Vineyard USA 4
Wesleyan 4
Total all groups  2,023

An interdenominational association of churches and individuals, The Church Network (TCN) is a professional organization with more than 2,500 members. TCN offers valuable opportunities to leverage collective thought of a large, diverse group of church administrative leaders with a wide range of experiences and resources.

Why does membership matter? TCN membership matters because it is designed to support and enhance your administration effectiveness through opportunities for you to expand your network, save money, develop your professional skills, protect your church and strengthen your staff.

Expand your network: Add 2,500 church administrative leaders to your network. Gain support, knowledge and lasting relationships.

TCN helps you save money for your church through significant member discounts and free resources, as well as a variety of tools and information with the latest tips on handling finances and cutting costs.


Active $190.00
  (voting) membership may be granted to those who are employed (paid) full-time or part-time on the staff of a Christian church. This may include denominational members with like responsibilities who serve at other levels of their denominations such as Presbyteries, Synods, Conferences, Dioceses, et cetera; and active duty members of the United States Armed Forces who are assigned duties as Chapel Manager, Chaplain’s Assistant, or other Christian business administrative duties in their military service.

Associate $190.00
(voting) membership may be granted to those engaged in an activity closely related to Christian administration in a Christian institution/foundation or not-for-profit organization (501(c)(3)). Active and Associate must adhere to the TCN Code of Ethics.

Business $285.00  (non-voting) membership may be granted to individuals or individuals who represent for-profit companies wishing to join for commercial purposes and who desire to join in the support of TCN, its purposes, and its programs. This category includes those individuals, or individuals representing organizations, that provide consulting services to churches.

Student $50.00 (non-voting) membership may be granted to individuals who are full-time students in a college or seminary, who are interested in church administration. Student membership is limited to not more than a five-year period. Full time students, if employed part time by a Christian church/organization are eligible for student membership.

Affiliate $190.00 (non-voting) membership is for individuals who do not meet the definitions for Active, Associate, or Business membership, includes volunteers (unpaid) and those seeking employment.
Additional Member $140.00  from the same organization.


Download Emeritus application form

The Board of Directors will use the following guidelines for granting the Emeritus status: Those applying for Emeritus status should have been an Active or Associate member for:

  • at least ten years,
  • attended the Annual Conference a minimum of five times,
  • attained age 62, and
  • entered into a retirement recognized by the local congregation or institution for whom the applicant last worked. It is further understood that retirement means that the applicant is not engaged in any full-time Christian administration employment.

Applications received by February 15th will be considered at the Spring Board Meeting (late Feb. - early March); by June 15th will be considered at the Summer Board Meeting (July); and by October 15th will be considered at the Fall Board Meeting (late Oct. - early Nov.).